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Mermaid's Kiss by TheThunder-Art Mermaid's Kiss :iconthethunder-art:TheThunder-Art 19 9 Pearl Divin' Sisters by TheThunder-Art Pearl Divin' Sisters :iconthethunder-art:TheThunder-Art 33 220 The Swallowing Sand by TheThunder-Art The Swallowing Sand :iconthethunder-art:TheThunder-Art 18 71 Kiri Drowning, Ocean by TheThunder-Art Kiri Drowning, Ocean :iconthethunder-art:TheThunder-Art 17 7 Shoujo-ai by TheThunder-Art Shoujo-ai :iconthethunder-art:TheThunder-Art 37 31 Sinking and Tired by TheThunder-Art Sinking and Tired :iconthethunder-art:TheThunder-Art 27 82 Shaya Swimming with Dolphins by TheThunder-Art Shaya Swimming with Dolphins :iconthethunder-art:TheThunder-Art 16 2 Young Shaya Swimming with Dolphins by TheThunder-Art Young Shaya Swimming with Dolphins :iconthethunder-art:TheThunder-Art 14 0 Swim, Shaya, Swim by TheThunder-Art Swim, Shaya, Swim :iconthethunder-art:TheThunder-Art 29 70 Screeching with the Fishes by TheThunder-Art Screeching with the Fishes :iconthethunder-art:TheThunder-Art 21 5 Shaya and Lana Breath Holding 2 by TheThunder-Art Shaya and Lana Breath Holding 2 :iconthethunder-art:TheThunder-Art 24 20 Shaya and Lana Breath Holding 1 by TheThunder-Art Shaya and Lana Breath Holding 1 :iconthethunder-art:TheThunder-Art 24 3 A Moment of Despair, Dialogue by TheThunder-Art A Moment of Despair, Dialogue :iconthethunder-art:TheThunder-Art 36 18 Revenge of the Black Mermaids by TheThunder-Art Revenge of the Black Mermaids :iconthethunder-art:TheThunder-Art 32 11 A Moment of Despair by TheThunder-Art A Moment of Despair :iconthethunder-art:TheThunder-Art 25 28 Forest Fairy Blonde by TheThunder-Art Forest Fairy Blonde :iconthethunder-art:TheThunder-Art 6 5
Based on the highest numbers of favorites any Misla-related art has.
It's time I asked the contest participants if their OCs for my contest should have a bit more purpose as NPCs, so here are some thoughts I came up with.

Contest entry for TheThunder-Art by ZinniaKet
Chou could tell Shaya about the kinds of Dresses to be found, as they would be scattered across the island of Misla and they would do things like raise stats or prevent conditions during RPG battles.

Averic DeVekara by Official-JSP
Averic DeVekara could test the abilities of Shaya and her comrades in battle and help players practice with timed hits and attacking multiple times as Dexterity stats rise.  He would of course have infinite HP.  I could also give him shadow counterparts as in-game enemies, like how Kudgel in Donkey Kong Country 2: Diddy's Kong Quest is an obvious re-color of Klubba, one of the game's helpers, and how in Chrono Trigger, Spekkio takes on the form of many in-game enemies as the team levels up.


Julie Cosplays Shantae (Tavern Contest Entry) by SigilHero
Julie Ultimus will mention secret areas on Misla and also provide puzzle battles for skill.


Misla: Island of Legends Contest Entry by BlueWader
Aki is a martial artist, so again, I'll see if the creator wants anything a little more special.

Misla: Island of Legends: Lilli by KisekaeVillain
Regarding Lilli Shirahata, her costume was created exclusively for my game idea, so maybe she could be in charge of the Synthesis feature, combining certain compatible items to make a new recipe.


Jeff by VampireWarrior0303
Jeff will be a magic tutor and explain how to raise the max amount of MP.

Looks like I have only 7 entries to judge.  While it was to be expected on my part, it's still disappointing that I had more participants but owing to whatever circumstances, they were not able to or chose not to submit their entries.  Anyways, I will now announce the winners.

Before I decide on the 1st Place winner, I'll say this much.  It was very hard to choose one of two entries that I thought were both stunningly wonderful.  And before I go over who won anything, please bear with me.  If you did not win anything, you still have my sincerest thanks for participating and your entry will still be seen in my game idea's eventual final version, which may or may not take years to complete.  If you're interested, show me your support and that you have my back and I'll be filled with motivation.  With that said, here are the results.

1st Place
Contest entry for TheThunder-Art by ZinniaKet
The contest's grand prize winner is ZinniaKet for the submission of this beautiful flower girl.  She's nicely detailed, well designed, and of course very creative.  The one snag is that she doesn't have a name and I would very much appreciate one.  So, ZinniaKet, you have the privilege of three free requests, meaning whatever you would like me to draw, I will do it for free.

2nd Place
Averic DeVekara by Official-JSP
The contest's first runner-up is Official-JSP for presenting this powerfully creative character, Averic DeVekara.  Very nicely done and menacing behind the mask, I may even consider him to be an RPG battle tutorial character.  Now I agreed to see to it that these characters are just cameos in Rune Town's tavern, but there's a chance I'll respect any wishes of the character designers, depending on if they ask for anything more or less.  So, Official-JSP, I will allow you to make one request free of charge.  Whatever you want me to draw, I will do it for you.  And because you are a member of :iconthe-island-of-misla:, it can be anything and not necessarily from my 2D Game Art Commissions list.

3rd Place
Kisekae- Syndicate Experiment YKN-15(Tavern Entry) by YoumuNepLowell
The contest's 3rd Place winner is YoumuNepLowell for this creative character, Yuuki Naomi.  Yes, she was created using the online program Kisekae, but I did say I would not overlook Kisekae and I allowed the participants to use it if necessary.  And she still looks awesome.  So, YoumuNepLowell, you get one free request, but it must be from my 2D Game Art Commissions journal, regardless of membership.  This was clearly stated, so I trust the participants knew this ahead of time.

Honorable Mentions
Julie Cosplays Shantae (Tavern Contest Entry) by SigilHero Misla: Island of Legends Contest Entry by BlueWader
The character SigilHero created with Kisekae is very cute and the character BlueWader made with Kisekae gives an interesting spin by appearing to be a martial artist.  Every winner, runner-up, and honorable mention will now have the option to become a Contributor of my group, :iconthe-island-of-misla:, as I award the privilege to those who are capable of giving something to my dream game idea.  And it looks like a few participants already are and I understand that some of you might not be up to it, so feel free to consult with me if you'd like something else within reason.

So again, to all who participated, thank you very much!  These seven characters will be currently set to appear in Rune Town's tavern as NPC cameos and possibly a little more, if the participants may or not wish it.  Please continue to show your support as I continue my game design as the years go by.

~ The Thunder, 2D Game Artist

I've decided to host my first contest and anyone who has what it takes can enter.  Here's the premise:

   As some of you may know already, I've been designing my dream game idea, Misla Densetsu no Shima, since January 1, 2016, so far drawing only art and animation as the game is still in the design stages.  The hub level, Rune Town, is set to have a tavern where the player will be able to buy and/or sell items and also be able to synthesize certain items to create better items.  But here's the thing.  I've been thinking that the tavern could also be a hangout area where many NPCs interact and tell stories, kind of the like Oblivion Bar of DC Comics fame, but without all those dimensional portals.  So, I'm going to grant contest participants the chance to design their very own original character to appear as an NPC inside Rune Town's tavern.  Why am I doing this, you may ask?  Well, it's the least I can do to show my appreciation to deviantART for having at least a handful of users who are so far being supportive of my art, ideas, and my game.  And I'd very much like to give credit to those who have done so by putting their work in my game.  Just think of it as an endorsement from yours truly.

So for those of you who are able to, just come up with a character design for my hub level tavern.  And because I can be reasonable and ask for so little, I'll try to keep the rules nice and simple and to a minimum.  So here we go.


1.  You must contact me one way or another to enter this contest.  Making a comment or sending a note is usually the best way, but if you want in, you have to let me know, or I can't add you.

2.  Being a Watcher of my work is highly recommended.  You would like to see updates as I make progress, even if it's little by little, right?  Yeah, that means remaining a Watcher after this contest blows over.  It would be nice if you did.

3.  This one's obvious.  The character must be your own original creation, not a fan character or fan art of a character from an existing series.  I can't just toss in Shantae, Fluffle Puff, or any of those characters.

4.  A human or human-shape character is recommended.  But I also welcome anthropomorphic animal characters, even in the style of Sonic the Hedgehog characters.  For my game, I will only redraw non-human characters in human form if you ask me to.  Otherwise, I will leave it alone.  That's reasonable, right?  Oh, and you can design actual animal and fantasy creature characters too (e.g. cat, dog, pig, dragon, Gorgon).

5.  You CAN use Kisekae to design your character.  Yes, I know I'm not crazy or fond about the program because I feel it uses the same style, but I can admit it's an excellent substitute for those who can't really draw or have trouble drawing.

6.  Background art is completely optional.  Character art is all I need to look at, but you want to add that extra visual touch to show off your talent, go ahead.

7.  You can use a character you've already made, but it would be nice if you show me a new deviation in case you want to give a pre-existing character an updated appearance.

8.  Keep in mind that the setting of my game is a medieval fantasy era, but that's really to keep in mind only when designing clothes.  If you insist on drawing modern day clothes, when I re-draw your characters, I will have to tone down their clothing to avoid clashes.  This is Rune Town's tavern, not the Oblivion Bar.

9.  I intend to judge your OCs based on creativity and effort, so do your best.  And I'm sorry, but any back stories you might have in mind are not guaranteed to make me pick one character over another.  Also, Kisekae is a useful program for those who aren't so hot at drawing, but keep in mind that I will prefer actual creativity and effort (this contest is not the Spongebob episode "The Googly Artiste" all over again), but that's not to say I will totally ignore Kisekae-created characters.

10.  The current deadline is January 20, 2017, but I will also close the contest once I get a total of 10 entries.  If all participants think they can bring their entries to me all at once, I'll accept them.  Keep in mind, you can use previous deviations you have made.

And that's all.  Other than the rules I listed, some of them optional, it's no holds barred, but please be sensible.  I'm anticipating an E10+ ESRB rating for Mild Language, Fantasy Violence, Comic Mischief, and Ideologically Sensitive Themes.  Oh, and... I assume you'll ask what's in this for you, so I'll list the rewards:


- First and foremost, I initially plan to have all original characters that are created to make it into the game.  Yep, not just the winners, runners-up, and honorable mentions.  ALL of them.  Or rather, at least any that qualify.  But maybe I'm not anticipating on getting a lot of entries.
- 1st Place:  The winner's grand prize is three commissions all for free.  You heard me right.  I am willing to do three commission drawings free of charge.  The one thing I ask in exchange... don't overwork me.  Yes, there's a string attached to the grand prize because if you try taking advantage of me, I can be cruel and turn you down.  Oh, and also, if you're not a Member of The-Island-of-Misla, one of the three commissions must be from my 2D Game Art Commissions journal or anything Misla-related.  Check my gallery for more information.
- 2nd Place:  You'll get one free commission that I will draw for you.  But again, please don't overwork me.  Also, if you're not a Member of The-Island-of-Misla, the commission must be from my 2D Game Art Commissions journal or anything Misla-related.  Check my gallery for more information.
- 3rd Place:  You'll get one free commission that I will draw for you, but it must be from my 2D Game Art Commissions journal, regardless of membership in my group The-Island-of-Misla or not.
- The winners, runners-up, and honorable mentions who are at least Members of The-Island-of-Misla will have the option of being promoted to Contributors.  And to those who at least participated... well... thank you.

And above all else, have fun and be creative!  My dream game may take years to finish, but I am happy to have gained at least a small cult following of supporters who show that they appreciate art for what it is.



- Anime humans
- Sonic-styled characters
- Original characters of my own
- Original characters belonging to other users
- Adventure fantasy cartoon settings
- Cartoon background art
- Gay/lesbian art
- Underwater, swimming, drowning


- Nude art
- Blood and gore
- Death
- Incest
- Vore
- Zombie apocalypses
- Military settings
- Characters belonging to existing media (Avatar: The Legend of Korra, Phineas and Ferb, Zootopia, The Last of Us, Mega Man, etc. etc.)
- Use of online programs such as Kisekae because it wouldn't prove anything
- Anything gross
- Anything My Little Pony
- Pokémon
The group has hit a milestone today.  We now have a total of 50 members, meaning that at least 50 users here on dA are at least somewhat interested in my dream game idea and seeing it become a fully completed video game.  I'm glad this is where our cult following is now and I cannot thank you all enough for your continued support.

Again, don't worry about doing any extra work for the group.  Just being a member means you're showing your support.  However, you are all free to consult with me, bring up any questions with me, RP, ask an OC, or just chat.  And you can contribute to this group if you like with fan art and such.  And there's also Contest: Tavern, which is due to end soon, so for those who are participating, get a move on with those entries.  I may extend the deadline, but I can't do that forever.

Keep it up, people!

~ The Thunder
I'd like to congratulate user :iconbluewader: for submitting the first ever Misla Densetsu no Shima fan art (…).  Granted it was made using Kisekae, but I allowed it and while it was something I never would have expected I'd be asked permission for, it's also something that I knew would come one of these days.  Even in Kisekae, Shaya is still a beautiful girl.  So here's to hoping for more contributions to our group!  Keep it up, artists!
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Welcome to the island of Misla group! Are you interested in joining this cult following founded by The Thunder Productions? Do you support my dream game idea? Come and contribute fan art and such or just hang out. Fans and admirers be welcome here!

~The Thunder







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Misla Densetsu no Shima

Long ago in medieval times, there were two islands isolated from the rest of the world, the island of Darkna and the island of Misla. Darkna was engulfed in war, turmoil, and strife, while Misla was peaceful and prosperous. When the Darkna Empire was destroyed, the islanders fled and traveled across the ocean, where they found Misla. Although they did not carry war with them, they faced a threat known as the Catas Tribe, the island’s natives, who did not welcome the islanders. The islanders unwillingly went to war and a young man named Sheath led them to victory. For his endeavors, Sheath was made the king of Misla to bring order and peace, and decisively spared the lives of the Catas Tribe when they surrendered and retreated. In doing so, he won the heart of a young native woman named Sarla, who then became his queen.

But the natives swore revenge and it was soon discovered by the islanders that Misla was an island where mythical creatures from the dawn of the earth known as the Mythos came to life! And the people controlling the Mythos were none other than the Catas Tribe! During another fierce war, they called upon the powerful Beastking Dragon, ruler of the Mythos. The dragon was too powerful for the islanders to defeat and King Sheath was killed, but the island’s guardian Mythos, the Ten Spirits, were awakened by Queen Sarla and they defeated the Beastking Dragon with their elemental energies. However, they were enraged at the behavior of humanity and proceeded to decimate both the natives and the islanders. Sarla used her powers to seal away the Ten Spirits, but at the cost of her own life. Following these events, the Darkna warriors distanced themselves from the Catas Tribe to avoid dastardly conflicts, despite occasional clashes, and the islanders were able to carry on with their lives.

But years later, a young girl named Shaya, who was believed to be raised by fairies, soon became the princess of Misla after she mysteriously appeared. Shortly after she turned 10, the Ten Spirits were freed from their seals. The Darkna warriors believed that Shaya was capable of accomplishing great things and Shaya herself wishes to defend her island home. Now, Princess Shaya is destined to defeat the Ten Spirits of Mythos and bring peace to the island of Misla. But she cannot do it alone...

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